I met Vanessa Jay Mulder through a mutual friend in September 2016. The reason we were introduced to each other is because she was in need of a website redesign in preparation for her new album release.

Vanessa was born in Suriname and raised in Amsterdam where she attended the Amsterdam Ballet Academy and studied different forms of dancing. Her career took off at an early age when she was cast in tv shows and music videos as a dancer/background singer for artists like Debarge and the Time Bandits.

In 1990 she moved to Italy and continued her career alongside artists like Raf, Zucchero, and Delmar Brown. During this same period, she took her first steps as a recording artist, collaborating with well-known Italian persona, DJ Massimo Padovani. They collaborated on the track “Nasty Rhythm” by Irma Records. She’s been in Italy ever since, making alternative music from the soul. Feel free to check out her music below.