Based on my experience and all the tips I come across, I’m absolutely convinced that social media marketing is not about getting the most followers. The most important aspect of social media marketing is your level of engagement (directly interacting with people) — that’s what makes it such a grind. It takes up a ton of time. But in the end, the results are always worth it.

Engaging with people on social media (liking posts, reposting content, and commenting consistently) is what drives repeat visitors to your brand. It’s what generates metrics that truly matter, like the number of retweets for your Twitter post, the number of Instagram likes you get, etc. Think about it. What’s the point of having thousands of followers if only a handful of people interact with your content? This stuff creates a trickle down effect because whatever piece of content you have that someone interacts with will be seen by their followers. Your following will grow organically in the process.

If you don’t engage with your following and prospects, you won’t get the kind of attention you’re seeking. Period.

Check out the screenshots below for some of my examples.