The key to successful marketing is to make data-driven decisions and the best data-driven decisions come from testing. In marketing, testing out different content is often referred to as A/B testing and believe me when I say it’s never-ending.

When you’re testing two variations of content, there are endless options for things to come up with, but here’s a solid list of things to start with:

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you’re testing variations of content it’s best to test ONE change at a time so you know exactly what impacted the change in clicks, views, etc


I always tell my clients, when testing headlines, titles, call-to-actions, and subject lines, try using adjectives, urgency, data, and making a bold statement. Some copy elements one can make changes to and A/B test include:

  • Long-form vs. short-form copy
  • Features vs. benefits
  • Questions vs. statements


The look and feel of your page is just as important for conversion rates. Some design elements you can adjust and A/B test include:

  • Whitespace
  • Colors
  • Images
  • Contrast
  • Font Type
  • Font Size

Elements of Trust

A testimonial is an example of an element of trust. People are more likely to buy into whatever you’re promoting with elements of trust, it’s simply human nature. You can consider testing these:

  • Text testimonials in emails, on your website, flyer, etc
  • Video testimonials in emails, on ads, etc
  • “As featured in” [Network, Blog Name, etc]
  • Statistics to back up your claims
  • Warranty information


Your CTA is crucial to conversions because it asks the user to take the “final step.” Here are some ways to tweak your CTA in an effort for better conversions:

  • Copy/Words. This is where creativity kicks in. Try using short sentences. Avoid “click here”
  • Two or more CTAs throughout the web page or email
  • CTA location (center vs left, above/below the fold, etc)
  • CTA button color, size, and font-size