If you’ve ever spent time in Los Angeles, you’ll notice that most people drive in L.A. They take driving seriously. And can you blame them? They have the best street signs, roads and freeways I’ve ever seen. But as a marketer, maybe I’m a bit biased and I appreciate driving in L.A. more than most. Here’s why:

> Street signs are big:
When you’re stopped at an intersection, even a set of bad eyes can read the sign from the next cross street. I appreciate that because one marketing best practice to live by is having big bold text on your call-to-actions. Whatever you want the person on the other end to click on should be noticeable. That’s when you get into things like font size hierarchy and testing font colors to see what works best. But the first step is to make your call-to-action easy to spot.

> Street signs are in the right place:
Street signs in Los Angeles hang over the street you’re driving on, so all you have to do is glance up. The same should apply to things like your newsletter opt-in or subscription forms, as well as, your social media share icons. These are things that people viewing your content should be able to find and access effortlessly. A great social media tool for that is Sumo.

> The Palm Trees and the Valley:
The traffic in L.A. is really bad and people that live there complain about it all the time. But hey, when you’re looking up at valleys surrounding the city in the distance matched up with clear blue skies and palm trees, it helps. I appreciate that as a marketer because there’s not much worse than going to a website that’s hard to look at and is far from user-friendly. In real-life, people desire to be around beautiful surroundings. That’s why it’s hard to leave a place like L.A. The same applies to navigating websites online. If you have a “cool” website that’s easy on the eyes, the longer people will stay on your website. Right?

I hope you got something out of this.