The reason I love this quote from American novelist, Ernest Hemingway, is because as a marketer, I know how important it is to listen in order to understand people’s interests and needs. Marketers not only have to be good at striking up a conversation but also be great listeners as well.

Actively listening involves both listening and responding to improve mutual understanding. In everyday conversation, when someone tries to communicate my thoughts on behalf of me and is way off, I know that person isn’t listening! That can be annoying, so I have to take that into consideration when doing things like sending out emails to strangers. For instance, in the future, if someone browsing my website downloads a marketing asset or resource guide on a specific topic, I’ll know to send him/her related information based on the interest he/she just conveyed. It shows I’m “listening.” Companies like Netflix do this all the time.

Bottom line: Take the time to listen to your buyers and prospects. You must track their demographics, behaviors, and actions to respond with the most relevant messages.

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