The MajorGiftMotivator series was one of the first ideas I came up with for content when I first started working at MarketSmart, a tech-based nonprofit marketing company. The CEO wanted to implement a stream of new content outside of the blog to drive traffic (to the website) and nurture leads on a weekly basis. Something really simple, yet helpful for the company’s target audience.

So, I came up with this — The MajorGiftMotivator Series. Inspiration came from the #MotivationMonday trend on twitter. What was the offer? One motivational quote every Tuesday tailored for Fundraisers. Something that would inspire the recipient to raise more money, something that could be used by the recipient to motivate their colleagues or even their prospects.

The goal was to get more social shares on social media, drive more traffic to the website, attain new leads via subscriptions, and trigger responses to spark conversations.
All of which were achieved.

The main channel being used to deliver the quotes is email and the average open rate is 25% for 2000+ subscribers.

Click here or the link below to check out the landing page!