Do you ever find yourself spending a whole bunch of cash on Google retargeting ads only to receive a small number of clicks after thousands of views?

I know, it sucks, I’ve been there. But it’s important to be proactive and find solutions to such problems. So since “sharing is caring,” here’s a little trick I learned from someone else that saves me a ton of time and money whenever I run a retargeting ad online — USE PLACEMENTS.

Placements are locations you can hand-pick/select for your ads to appear. For example, a specific website, a mobile app or video content.

Using this tactic is beneficial because you get to show your ads where your customers spend time! Why allow Google to select where your ad appears? No one knows your target audience better than you do! That’s why you know what kind of websites your audience visits. For instance, if you’re an aspiring model trying to get noticed by an agency, you know talent scouts within your industry spend a lot of time on Vogue, GQ or the IMDB website so you want your ads to appear there.

That’s why you should add placements to your retargeting ads. Try it out and I guarantee you you’ll start to see an improvement in your click-through-rates after 24 to 48 hours.

Here’s how to apply placements to your ads:

Step 1. Log into your AdWords account

Step 2. Click on the campaigns tab
Step 2

Step 3. Click on the display network tab
Step 3

Step 4. Click the ‘+ targeting’ button then pick the ad group you want to promote
Step 4

Step 5. Add your desired placements for your ad! 
Step 5