Lately, I’ve been mostly working on Analytics for my primary client. It’s one of my top three favorite service offerings, but the most valuable service I offer.

If you’re familiar with Google Analytics, then the terms metrics and dimensions shouldn’t be new to you. Metrics are known to be “quantitative measurements,” and in Google Analytics there are tons of metrics you can track for your data reports.

The catch is, not all metrics are equal. Some are more important than others, and if you ask me, I’d say these are the most important metrics to track using Google Analytics. In my 6 years of experience with the platform, these are often key performance indicators (KPIs) for various entertainment based websites:

  • Visits/Users
  • Returning Users
  • Time on page
  • Average time on site
  • Goal Conversion Rate
  • Bounce Rate
  • Exit Rate
  • Page Views
  • These are the metrics most likely to affected by your emails, online ads, and social media posts meant to drive traffic to your website.

    And that’s my two cents for the day!