Email subscribers need to be wowed as soon as they see your subject line. Then they have to be intrigued enough to click through to your website, event, portfolio, etc. So when I spotted this infographic about 2017’s biggest email design trends, I couldn’t help it, I had to take a peek.

After vetting through the list for you, here are three design tactics worth trying out:

# 1 — Keyframe animation

Keyframe animations are similar to GIFs but they’re very different at the same time. They’re not as choppy as GIFs. Instead, keyframe animations are smoother and the change in the series of frames that allow for the animation are less obvious. You should Google some live examples after you get done reading this blog post 🙂








# 2 — Cinemagraph (static + moving GIF)
I’m seeing cinematic GIFs being used for marketing everywhere now, and they’re actually pretty cool. They’re used to fool viewers into believing they are viewing a looped video. If you’d like to experiment with cinematic gif’s check out giphy or the example below.

# 3 — Search in emails
About damn time! You can now search websites straight from your inbox without having to leave the email. How cool is that? Imagine navigating your favorite retailer’s entire collection by inserting a search term in the email’s embedded search bar. I think this is definitely worth trying out.


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