Hi. My name’s Alvin but you can call me Al. Growing up I was the kid always drawing and painting. It’s what came naturally to me. It’s what I loved to do. Art class never felt like class because it was a hobby. So by the time freshman year in college rolled around in 2006, it was a no-brainer, Graphic Design became my major–the first one at least.

In 2008, things changed. Instead of boxing myself into a profession that would only give me one creative outlet, I wanted to be involved in more things within the creative space. So I switched my major to Marketing (Little did I know at the time that marketing is not all about creativity. It’s really a combination of strategic thinking, analytics, and creativity).

I went on to work my first marketing internship at a real estate company in the summer of 2009, then a second one at Sony Music Entertainment in the summer of 2010. When I returned back to college in the fall that same year, I knew that I wanted to work in a creative field within the entertainment industry. Not necessarily the music industry, but to be involved in various facets of it.

To get on track, I started working email and social media marketing for an up and coming talent management company my friend started. I didn’t make any money doing it, but it was a great experience. In 2011, I graduated and received my Bachelor’s degree. It was an amazing feeling for about three weeks. Then reality set in. I had a lot of doors shut in my face, went through a phase of depression, and was dead broke living at my Mom’s house. But I’m very thankful for having people that truly cared for and believed in me around me. So I had my pity party, eventually picked myself back up, worked some sales jobs (which I hated, I’m so not a sales guy) and a few odd jobs.

In 2013, out of frustration from not being able to land a real marketing job, I learned everything I needed to know about digital marketing (building websites, helping consultants and businesses get discovered online, using social media to make money, adobe creative suite, and data analytics). My struggles gave me grit. It gave me the motivation and inspiration that I needed to do what I love to do today–help people convey their messages in a creative light that sparks interest from all the outsiders looking in. My goal in life is to help creatives within the entertainment industry bring their marketing goals to life.

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